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South Park embroidery bucket hat navy

South Park embroidery bucket hat navy

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South Park is a really tiny city in the deep snowy mountains of Colorado. A four -person elementary school student who lives there, a four -person elementary school student, stuns, Kyle, Eric, Kenny, an event that is one episode that occurs in the city, and events. In addition to the four protagonists, many unique characters have appeared, and the city of South Park is always a surprise case. In many cases, real -time current elements are incorporated due to the short production period. Full of extreme stories and black jokes. The composition that never got tired of it continued to attract people, celebrating its 25th anniversary in August 2022.
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Embroidery hat of four main characters (Stan Kyle Eric Kenny).
The trendy bucket hat is perfect for summer outings.
A simple design and a versatile item recommended for daily casual.
If you accompany you, etc., you will feel better!

It is an item that you can share with your friends and couples as well as casual outfits of everyday clothes.

- Gender -
It is a recommended unisex item for both men and women.

[F] Head around: 58cm

- Production area: China
- Body: 100 % cotton
Embroidery: 100 % polyester

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