Shipping Cost / Shipping Method

Updated: 10/08/2023

We ship worldwide

✈️ DHL Express / FedEx (USA and Canada only)

We will ship in the day to 3 days after your purchase. It takes about 3-10 days until arrival.

* Total weight auto calculated, you can check the shipping cost at the cart page.

Total weight Zone1 Zone2 Zone3 FedEx
Less than 1,500g $28 $38 $33
Less than 5,000g
$45 $60 $70
$70 USD
Over 5,500g
$70 $80 $100

*Zone1 Asia
*Zone2 USA, Canada
*Zone3 Europe
*FedEx USA, Canada only

These fees include all shipping and handling costs but DO NOT include taxes or customs feesPlease make sure you inquire with your country's customs on fees, prohibited items and weight limits.



You can order also from (Japanese text) if you are living in Japan. *PayPal is not available there

Sagawa Express

Flat rate of 750yen on all orders less than 15,000yen.

FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $150.

To Okinawa
Flat rate of 1,500yen on all orders.