Privacy Policy

YOUAREMYPOISON (following, "we") determines the following privacy policy about the handling of the personal information of the visitor in the service (the following, "this service") to offer on this website.


1.Personal information

I shall point to "the personal information" to say to the Personal Information Protection Law, and "the personal information" is the information about a living individual and points to the information that can distinguish a specific individual by an address, a phone number, contact information or other descriptions on a full name included in the information concerned, the date of birth.


2.Collection method of the personal information

When a visitor uses us and registers, on a full name, the date of birth, I may ask about the personal information such as an address, a phone number, an e-mail address, a bank account number, the credit card number. In addition, information about a business record and the settlement including the personal information of a visitor made between a visitor and a business partner our business partner (include an origin of reporting, an advertiser, an advertisement delivery point.) I may collect it from "business partner") as follows.


3.Purpose to collect personal information, and to use

The purposes that I collect personal information, and we use are as follows.
(1)For an offer, the administration of our service
(2)To reply the inquiry from a visitor (including performing person confirmation)
(3)To guide other services that we offer to the visitor
(4)For communication depending on maintenance, need including important news
(6) To have a visitor read reading and a change of the registration information of own, deletion, the use situation
(7)Purpose associated with the use purpose mentioned above


4.Third party offer of the personal information

We cannot offer personal information to the third party without obtaining the visitor's consent unless I raise it next. But Personal Information Protection Law or other legal cases are excluded.
(1)When it is necessary for protection of human life, a body or the property, and it is difficult to obtain the person's consent
(2)When it is necessary to cooperate for the person who received the engine of the country or local public entity or the trust accomplishing the office work to establish of laws and ordinances
(3)When I disclose personal information for duties business partner about the administration of this site. But the information in this case to disclose limits it to only a necessary range. In addition, in this case I conclude trust and a necessary contract and take necessary measures in other laws and ordinances.


5.Disclosure, suspension, deletion of the personal information

When disclosure, suspension, deletion (the following, "disclosure") of the personal information was demanded by the person, we conduct a necessary investigation without delay for the person.
When I judge that it is necessary to accept the request based on findings, without delay, I perform disclosure of the personal information concerned.


6.About cookie( cookie)

We may use cookie( cookie) to offer good service by a visitor, but there cannot be the thing infringing a privacy policy not the thing which can collect the information that can in this way identify an individual.
In addition, I can change it by the setting of the browser when acceptance of cookie( cookie) is not hoped for.


7.Change of the privacy policy

I shall be able to change the contents of this policy without notifying a user except the matter that these laws and ordinances or other policy has the particular fate.
The privacy policy after the change shall produce effect unless we establish it separately since I placed it in this website.



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