Fashion Vs Style

Fashion Vs Style

"Fashion fades, style is eternal" ~Yves Saint Laurent~


Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to YOUAREMYPOISON.COM, a multi-brand web store from Tokyo, for domestic Japanese products as well as imported. We have been in business since 2014 and are growing stronger every year.

YOUAREMYPOISON.COM is the official authorized seller of the character and brand products – everything is official & licensed! We are NOT in the business of drop-shipping where products come to you from factories and drop-shippers do not take any responsibility for quality. With YOUAREMYPOISON.COM, all products that you buy are shipped directly from our office in Japan. We take full responsibility for our product quality.

We take the business of high-fashion very seriously, and our website revolves around products that will help you clothe yourself in style. We keep adding to our stocks every SINGLE day. Drop into our website daily and help yourself to the latest in fashion and style.

Let us see some of the products that you will find on YOUAREMYPOISON.COM and how they help you on your journey to looking and feeling good!

A bestseller on YOUAREMYPOISON.COM store is a variety of Huge T-shirts from ACDC RAG . Featuring a choice of super oversized body, unisex sizing, allover printing and affordable price.

You might want to check out this instead - Gloomy Bear x ACDC RAG pants – their official collaboration 2nd series. Made of polyester material, it can fit waist sizes between slim and curvy. Make a style statement with it, for sure!

Want to get some eyes focused on you? Select from our huge range of checked pants over simple, solid color tops that give the pants the rightful attention they deserve. Clothes featuring checked prints have been labelled a classic over time. Simple, yet sophisticated, the synthesis of horizontal and vertical lines creates squares – a very eye-catching and hypnotizing effect!

Wide leg pants are a good way to liven up your wardrobe. Wide pants allow for more airflow and breathing space, which is a good option for warm climates. Paired well with opposite colored tops, they are bound to help you gain attention.

Hair bands are the simplest accessories to wear to transform your look and appearance. Used primarily to keep your hair in place and neat, they can also be used to show-off your hairdo. Pocket Monsters My Character Hair Band is another best-selling piece on our website. An officially licensed product, this hair band is bound to get looks your way.

Fancy some cute earrings with pearl hearts and cross motifs. Look no further. This set of earrings – XTS by noiseandkisses – is sure to be an attention grabber for you. Grab them right away before they go out of stock!!!

With YOUAREMYPOISON.COM, we are committed to ensuring that you receive the very best of quality products once you place an order. However, if you receive products other than what you ordered for, or if they are defective, or have arrived broken in condition, or are missing, we offer to accept returns and assure you of a refund. Please check our conditions of return and refund policy to know more.

Best of all, whether you are a first-time visitor or a repeat customer, we offer discounts and promotions. Please sign up on our email list to receive news on special offers& promotions.

In summary, at YOUAREMYPOISON.COM, our vision for you, dear customer, is to ensure a seamless, easy, convenient and hassle-free shopping experience.Welcome to YOUAREMYPOISON.COM and shop till you drop! Cheers!

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